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An international supplier of automotive goods

As an international supplier of Chinese-made auto parts, charging stations, e-bikes, EVs, and ICE vehicles, Bingus Auto aims to be a leading automotive supplier in Africa


Strategic Geographic Analysis

Evaluating your company's geographical presence, accounting for the impact and adjusting requirements

The Bingus Auto SYNC Approach guides you through the entire transactional chain

Strategic geographical analysis
Yielding to legal and compliance
Nurturing product market fit
Competitive pricing

SYNC Approach addresses the diverse needs of our clients through detailed assessment across key pillars, customized solutions to match resources and objectives, and strong collaboration to ensure a deep understanding of our client's business needs:

Our Advantage

Low Prices

All products are sold at factory prices. You will never pay retail prices for any available products

Direct Access

Our network of partnerships allow our clients to bypass middlemen


Hundreds of brands and thousands of models available across all categories


Bingus Auto gives you the insights and data you need to make smart purchases


We have established relationships with Chinese factories and suppliers built on trust


Our advisory board has 80+ years of industry experience in Chinese exports


We transparently handle every step of the logistical chain through our logistics partners

Quality Assurance

All client requirements are met by holding our partners to the highest standards of quality

Affordable cars, Evs, and quality car parts


Our legal team specializes in import/export law, regulations, compliance, gov. incentives, and more

Driving access to reliable auto parts, wherever the road takes you

Access to a dependable source of auto parts is crucial for any market seeking growth opportunities in the automotive industry. Lack of access to such parts is a major hindrance to brands trying to penetrate and expand in foreign markets.

In markets with low purchasing power, the demand for pre-owned vehicles is higher, making the spare parts market more essential than the vehicle market. That's why Bingus Auto ensures it can consistently provide a broad range of highly sought-after auto parts for all brands it can acquire, as well as for other unlisted brands. This enables sustained support and growth for our customers.

We offer thousands of parts across all product categories, such as electric vehicles, electric charging stations, electric bikes, ICE vehicles, and agricultural equipment.

*All part availability and quotes provided upon request



A diversified range of automotive goods from leading and upcoming brands

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